Endodontics is more commonly known as root canal treatment. The profession has evolved considerably in recent times, aided by the development of state-of-the-art technologies. We offer endodontic microsurgical procedures by our in-house practitioner.

Expert in root canal treatments

Endodontic postgraduate study involves additional training, experience and formal qualifications in root canal treatment / therapy, apicectomies, microsurgery, dental emergency and trauma management.

Our in-house endodontic practitioner employs their expertise to treat difficult cases, such as narrow or blocked canals, unusual anatomy and re-treatment. This is acheived through the utilisation of advanced technology, such as surgical operating microscopes, digital radiography and ultra-sonics to make sure we can provide you with the very best treatment outcome.


at Westlake Dental Specialists include:

Non-surgical endodontic (root canal) treatment
Endodontic retreatment, including removal of posts and obstructions
Direct restoration of root filled teeth
Endodontic surgery
Non-vital bleaching
Management of dental trauma


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