Orthodontic Treatments 

 Orthodontists deal with crooked or mal-positioned teeth or jaws.

Patients may need teeth removed to create space in their mouths

Often orthodontists give their patients specialist referrals to our oral & maxillofacial surgeons for the removal of premolar teeth.  These teeth are between the front teeth and the molars – they are either the fourth or fifth teeth back from the front. Usually these teeth are very easy to remove. However, most kids, and many adults, are nervous about the procedure as it is often their first trip to the dentist for orthodontic treatment. In this case intravenous sedation can really help with the nerves. Healing is quick and braces go on about two weeks after surgery.

Impacted, or misplaced teeth

Wisdom teeth are the most common impacted and misplaced teeth. Next, is the upper canine or eye tooth. These teeth have a long way to travel and often get lost in the palate. In this situation, the eye tooth needs to be exposed and moved into the correct position. Although this orthodontic treatment takes a while, it is a very successful treatment in kids. If the procedure is performed during the growing years, it can save a lot of headaches later in life. The success rate for this type of orthodontic treatment is much better in the teenage years than in adulthood, so it is better to get in early. 

Tooth exposures are a minor procedure, usually performed under intravenous sedation (twilight sleep). The gum and any bone covering the impacted tooth is removed and often a gold bracket and chain are attached to the tooth. A dressing is also placed and this acts like a band-aid until it comes off or is removed. Most people need a day off school or work after the procedure to recover.

Orthognathic surgery

Orthodontics is the non-surgical management of patients with crooked or mal-positioned teeth or jaws. Our oral & maxillofacial surgeons are frequently asked to provide surgery for orthodontic patients to remove or expose impacted teeth or malpositioned teeth and Dr Peter Hill provides correct jaw surgery (orthognathic surgery) to correct patients with malpositioned jaws. These treatments are performed in combination with Orthodontists.


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